Wasip Survival Kit - Feature Friday 9

Welcome back to Feature Friday, MacMor's deep dive into the various products we carry (or those you request to hear about). This week we’re exploring the Wasip Survival Kit. This kit is a must-have for the winter months in the event of car trouble, injuries, or worse.

The Wasip emergency survival kit comes jam-packed with essentials you hope you never have to use. While the kit comes with lots of necessities, we took the time to identify some items you may want to consider upgrading. So let's talk about the products that are typically included in a kit like this...

Car Essentials

A proper survival kit should contain things to assist in the event of basic car troubles. In this kit you'll find booster cables, a pair of cotton gloves, a foam kneeling pad, some gasline anti-freeze, and a crank-style Flashlight. It's a basic assortment of products, but they cover some good bases.

Some additions to consider is a lug wrench for installing a spare tire (presuming your vehicle isn't already equipped with one), some reserve gasoline in a pinch, and a compact shovel in case you need to dig your vehicle out of some snow. One more thing to mention is the quality of the gloves that come with this kit. Although they definitely meet the standard for "better than nothing", we're not convinced they'd be much help in the deep cold weather we often experience up North.

Instead, we suggest getting yourself a warmer, more durable pair of gloves that can really keep your hands warm when working on your vehicle or waiting for rescue.

First Aid

In the event you are injured or stranded, a basic first aid kit is important to have to treat minor scrapes or cuts. In this kit, you get a sealed pouch that contains plastic bandages, alcohol swabs, wet wipes, antiseptic swabs, sting relief swabs, and a First Aid card. Ideally, you'll want to fill out the card and keep on your person in case of greater emergency.

Overall, this is a very basic first aid kit that can patch you up quickly. Check out this red cross guide to get a better idea of some additional items you may want to have depending on the application. If you want to add some additional first aid products to your survival kit, check out our assortment of First Aid Products.


Lastly, a survival kit should be able to do just as the name intends. In the worst of circumstances, these items contained in the kit could make a huge difference: Survival Blanket, Emergency Rescue Blankets, Hand Warmers, Box of Matches, 30 Hour Survival Candle, Light Sticks, an SOS Sign, and a Roll of Duct Tape. Overall, this a very good starting point for survival. However, we would recommend some additions including extra warm clothing including layers, gloves, boots, thermal socks, ski pants, non-perishable food and water.

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Overall, the Wasip Survival Kit features a great starting point full of essentials to keep in your vehicle in case of an emergency. If you or your team are interested in equipping your vehicles with survival kits please don’t hesitate to contact us or reach out to your rep.