New CSA First Aid Kit Requirements for Manitoba

- Friday, October 4, 2019

It's official: Manitoba's Workplace Safety & Health regulations have been amended to make room for the new CSA Standards.

These changes have been in the works since November 2018, however it has taken some time for the news to make its way through the industry. The regulation changes that come with the new standards are set to affect most workplaces and will start being enforced more and more throughout 2020.

So what does this mean for employers? It means that the current Manitoba First Aid Kits, although purchasable until the end of 2019 and valid until expiration, are being phased out because they do not scale with the new risk levels (view flyer for details). Employers are responsible for making sure all kits accessible to employees must be in accordance with the new standard.

Want to make sure all your kits meet the new CSA standard? Check out our selection of CSA First Aid Kits or view our flyer for more information on the new requirements and risk assessments.